Kimi Kaplowitz

Theeth is owned and operated by Kimi Kaplowitz out of her little studio in Portland Oregon. Her work is inspired by a lifetime of traveling through nature and fondness for observing flora and fauna and how they exist in their environments. All designs are sculpted by The artist or cast from objects sourced from nature.  mold making, wax working, casting and fabrication processes are done  by Kimi as well.  each step is handled with great care and attention to detail. All pieces are cast and fabricated in sterling silver, gold or bronze, and set with  spectacular hand selected natural stones.

I have been surrounded by makers and have been creating tiny things since childhood. I grew up in rural New Jersey, sculpting in my mother's ceramics studio, and collecting objects from the woods with my father for assemblages he made for photography.
I attended college at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia, where I was fortunate to have been exposed to a vast number of processes and crafts that allowed me to create my artistic visions. I spent a great amount of time in the fine metals and welding studios, and ended up focusing my thesis on stop motion animation. I was interested in film and art and puppetry and worked on internships with Matthew Barney's studio, Amorphic Robot Works, a Julie Taymor production, and finally came to Oregon for an internship with Michael Curry Design studio.
Since moving to Portland in 2007 I have been specializing in the creation of stop motion animated puppets. I began my foray into making jewelry almost two years ago, I was ready to begin building a world of my own.

I have always been drawn to artwork that is multi sensory. Jewelry is a unique art form in that is is meant to be handled, one can enjoy the tactile nature of the work without the worry of destroying it. One of the first elements I used in my work is the life cast scorpion.  The scorpion is symbolic of this concept, as, when alive, it is not to be touched, but when immortalized in a metal talisman it can be safely embraced.  Exploring these concepts and ancient technique and craft of jewelry making is exhilarating.  I love using my knowledge of materials to incorporate new methods with the old. I still have so much to learn, and so many things in my head I want to create. I'm looking forward to the journey. Thanks for visiting!